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Heal your soul and tap into your spiritual side. Self care is more than just physical.

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Tarot Reading

Get guidance for the past, present, future, mind, body, or spirit. We help you to connect and find the answers.


Basic spread is a 3 card pull.


In depth spread includes more cards including oracle cards.

Basic Spread


In Depth



A healing modality where the practitioner acts as a "conduit" for healing life force energy by light touch on different areas of the client's body. We work with the energy meridians & chakra system to help release stagnant energy and replenish your body.

All Reiki practictioners have been certified & attuned by a Reiki Master.

60 Min



Natal birth chart readings are helpful to find insight into your personal soul's blueprint and how energy will play out in your life. Transit readings are beneficial because they allow you a chance to see how the planets' aspecting will affect you as an individual now and in the future. Synastry readings can shed light on two individuals compatibility together. 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a form of self-healing that is achieved through deep trance. The practitioner facilitates a connection to the subconscious, and what you need to process will be brought forth. Past Life Regression is a very unique and helping experience.

Natal Chart




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