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Give yourself a full body experience with a scrub or wrap.

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Silky Skin

Body Scrub

Champagne Rose


Pumpkin Spice


Teakwood Sugar

Body Polish

For Men


Infrared Sauna

Great to be used alone or after a massage or other service. Infrared saunas can help with better sleep, relaxation, detoxing, weight loss, sore muscles, improved circulation

30 Min


60 Min


Laser Lipo

Uses laser treatment to shrink fat cells, creating a smaller and smoother shape. Pricing is per area. 30 min treatment.

1 Treatment


3 Treatments


6 Treatments


Wood Therapy

All natural method to reduce cellulite, facilitate weight loss, and refine body contouring.

30 Min

(One Area)


45 Min

(Half Body)


130 Min

(Full Body)


Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Designed to use radio frequency to heat and stimulate collagen and elastin production to reduce loose skin. 30 min treatment.

1 Treatment


3 Treatments


6 Treatments


Inch Loss

Body Wrap

With Steamy Wonder

All the benefits of a sauna without sitting in a claustrophobic steam room. Detoxify, loosen muscle tension, & lose weight. Trying to fit into a dress for a formal, wedding, etc, this is the treatment for you! Call for more info.


steamy wonder.jpg


Treat ingrown hairs, remove dead skin cells, prevent acne, help with hyper-pigmentation, smooth bumps around the bikini line, and maintain healthy & hydrated skin in the vaginal area. Petal includes cleanse, scrub, mask, & minimal extraction. Full bloom includes everything in the petal plus full extractions & hydra jelly mask.



Full Bloom




Hydra Jelly Mask


Yoni Steam

Herbal Steam for Women's Health

Steam is part of an ancient Ayurvedic practice and believed to help with painful menstrual cramps, through increased circulation.

30 Min



-Before ovulation or insemination, for fertility.

-New or full moon cycle to help bring a regular menstruation cycle.

-As ritual cleansing a few cycles post trauma after a miscarriage.

-Post menopause as needed.


(Should not be done in these situations)


-During menstruation.

-During pregnancy or early postpartum.

-During an active infection: vaginal or UTI.

-Tender perineal tear or stitches.

-Possible issues if you have an IUD.