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Shangri-La Day Spa’s Group Event Guide
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Here’s how to schedule a Group Event(Spa Party)
Designate a contact person that will work with Shangri-La’s Event
Coordinator for your celebration
Decide on the date and time for your Event
Decide on services you want to pamper yourselves with by completing the Group Event Contact Form. This form is required and must be submitted by your designated contact person.If there is a therapist preference the request must be made at time of scheduling.
When the Group Event Contact Form is completed, a $100 nonrefundable down payment is required for holding the date. Shangri-La’s Event Coordinator will start planning the event.
When scheduling is completed the event’s itinerary will be e-mailed or called. Any changes to the itinerary must be made at this time (only by the Groups’ designated contact person).
Once all changes are made and approval of event itinerary is determined to the Groups’ designated contact person’s satisfaction,the event itinerary approval is acknowledged by signing The group event Confirmation Form and providing necessary credit card information to secure appointment bookings.
All bookings must be received at least 2 weeks prior to your spa event and held with the sponsor’s credit card.
A 50% non-transferable and non refundable deposit is required 2 weeks prior to the event. No changes can be made to the event once the 2 week mark has passed. Make sure that you are completely satisfied with your schedule at this time. The deposit will be evenly distributed between all guests to cover 50% of their total day.
Shangri-La’s Event Coordinator will call the Contact person at least 3 days prior to event to answer any questions you may have and to go over your schedule.
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