Shangri-La Day Spa  -
Shangri- la Experience
BlissExpress Facial, 30 min Swedish massage,
               Classic pedicure… $100
Promised LandSignature Facial, 60 min Swedish Massage,
                                          Ultimate Pedicure… $155
**New**SiloamA Deep Pore Clearing Facial, 60min Deluxe
                                        Massage, Ultimate Pedicure... $180    
UtopiaSignature Facial, 60 min Much Kneaded Massage,
                      Ultimate Manicure, Pedicure, lunch… $200
HeavenSignature Facial, 60 min Much Kneaded Massage,
                       Silky body treatment, Ultimate Manicure/Pedicure,
                       Lunch…. $265
Eden(for couples)Couples Signature Facial, Swedish     
                                          Massage, Ultimate Pedicure
                                          45min Service... $260
                                          60min Service... $320
Mommy to be in Paradise...Signature Facial,
                 60 min Gentle baby Massage, Ultimate Pedicure... $165
*** (Add On)***
Steamy Wonder Treatment
The steamy wonder tent engulfs you with warm steam to
help you relax, detoxify, and increase circulation.
Incorporate this treatment with a massage or facial for a
truly luxurious experience
30 min - $35
People who regularly report:
    * Pain relief,                                     * Fewer headaches,
    * Weight loss                                   * Relief from symptom of
    * Improved sleep,                                arthritis and fibromyalgia,
    * Beautiful skin,                                * Release of toxins,
    * Reduced puffiness & bloating           * Fewer colds/viruses
    * Reduced stress                               * Allergy relief