Shangri-La Day Spa  -
Massage Therapy

Simply Swedish
Relax your mind and ease your soul as we massage away your everyday stresses using just the right amount of pressure.
30 min-$35   45 min-$45   60 min-$60   90 min-$90

Much Kneaded
Rest Easy as we show you the essence of deep tissue massage is not pain, it is nor effort; it is ease, patience, sensitivity, and presence..
30 min-$50   45 min-$60   60 min-$75   90 min-$105

Deluxe Massage (Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stones)
The Ultimate massage- a combination of three important techniques of massage incorporated into 1 hour of intense relaxation and a full body work to enhance and address your bodies entire needs..
60 min-$80   90 min-$110

Sabai Stone Massage
Exhale and relax as we administer an advanced tri-phase hot stone therapy. Sabai is a Thai expression for well being. As you completely unwind pent up tension, fatigue, and pain gently vanquish..
60 min- $80   90 min- $110

Couples Massage (not just for couples)
Couples massage is a stress relief massage that takes place in the couple's room at the same time with that special person in your life. You can choose your preferred massage.

Gentle Baby
A mommy to be massage. Enjoy and relaxing foot and back massage while getting needed rest. ***2nd and 3rd trimester only***
30 min-$45   45 min-$60   60 min-$70

ADD ON:Foot Reflexology 30 min-$35