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Body Enhancements
Tropical Body Bliss
Enjoy the smell of pineapple and papaya as we gently polish your body to remove dead cells and toxins from your body. A light application of de-aging balm concludes your journey as you are silky smooth, detoxified, and visibly brighter…
Anti-Aging Papaya - Pineapple Fruit  Body Scrub….. $65
Anti-Aging Papaya - Pineapple Fruit Yogurt Body Wrap….. $80
          ***As a combination….. $140
Silky Skin Body Scrub…. $65
Lemon Grass Sugar Salt Body Scrub .........$65
Teakwood Sugar Body Polish (For Men) .......$65

Anti-Fatigue Moor Mud Wrap….. $80
Seaweed Body Wrap .............$80
Inch Loss Body Wrap (with steamy wonder)…..$85

“Steamy Wonder” steam canopy
This service is one of our favorites. Steamy Wonder can give you all the benefits that steam has to offer without the claustrophobic
feeling of a steam room. This treatment is very relaxing and beneficial. Many of the benefits of this service are detoxifying, loosen muscle tension and weight loss.  For maximum results try this service before or after a massage.
 Try this Steamy Wonder treatment and you'll never go back to sitting in a hot box or sauna. It is simply more relaxing and healthier to lie down and keep the head cool while steaming. The Steamy Wonder eliminates the discomfort of breathing hot air and avoids the dizziness that can result from heating the head. You can also move around, change position (raise your knees, turn on your stomach or back) while still enjoy complete comfort and privacy.
Eliminate the Wraps with Steamy Wonder
The Steamy Wonder can be used to enhance or replace body wraps. The warm, moist heat opens the pores allowing effective product penetration; sweating produces the 'shrinkage' effect that makes wrapping so popular. In other words, your jeans should be looser after a steam treatment! Mud and seaweed wraps can be given without any wrapping, increasing the comfort of the client, decreasing work for you.
Why steam is better than wrapping
Dr. John Welbes, Director the college of Massage Therapy in Omaha, Nebraska recommends steam baths in the treatment of cellulite, finding it superior to body wraps in raising tissue temperature. "Body wraps are very slow," says Dr. Welbes, "it may take an hour to achieve the same temperature increase that you can get in about 10 minutes in a steam bath." According to Dr. Welbes, the heat helps loosen the fatty tissue so that it is less solid and can more easily be broken down.
Potential Dangers to Wrapping
The wraps and electric blankets that are commonly used to heat clients during a body wrap are often made of plastic. Plastic releases toxins when heated, which can then absorbed by the body, creating more toxicity. The blankets also create an electrical field effect which many people believe is not healthy.