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  *** (Add On)***

Steamy Wonder Treatment 
The steamy wonder tent engulfs you with warm steam to help you relax, detoxify, and increase circulation. Incorporate this treatment with a massage or facial for a truly luxurious experience
30 min - $35
 People who regularly report:
    * Pain relief,                                 * Fewer headaches,
    * Weight loss                              * Relief from symptom of
    * Improved sleep,                            arthritis and fibromyalgia,
    * Beautiful skin,                           * Release of toxins,
    * Reduced puffiness & bloating      * Fewer colds/viruses
    * Reduced stress                         * Allergy relief

***Eye Treatment for puffiness & dark circles - $15
*** Eye Treatment for lines & wrinkles -$15
***Youthful Lip Treatment -$15

***Eye Brow Tint -$25
***Lash Tint -$30
   ***As Combination: -$50

Lash Application
 *Individual -$35
 *Bands -$25

Aroma Touch **NEW SERVICE!! $50
-This can be used as an add on service or as it's own service.
-We use certified therapeutic grade essential oils that are of the highest quality. Each essential oil is used for it's own therapeutic property.
-Lasts about an hour as each essential oil is applied directly to the spinal cord to help aid the body of different ailments and sickness. This is a MUST to experience!! And we offer it right here, at Shangri-La Day Spa