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Yoga at Shangri-La

It is our owner's heart and passion that Shangri-La remain the beautiful oasis it has become while upgrading and adding healing opportunities to our Clarksville community. While two years may have been the initial goal of creating a yoga space, the Clarksville community spoke, and she listened. We at Shangri-La are so proud and eager to announce we will be offering YOGA classes starting Tuesday, December 5, 2017! She has created a dedicated yoga room for guests and new yogis alike. We welcome all levels to our yoga space and are eager to see you on the mat!
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Yoga Schedule

Hatha Vinyasa with Felicia

Hatha Vinyasa with Magdalena
Connected Warrior Class

Yoga Rasayana with Elisa

Hatha-Raja Yoga with Magdalena

Hatha Vinyasa with Magdalena 

Hatha-Raja Yoga with Felicia

Class Descriptions
Gentle Hatha Flow
A gentle and mindful flow to transition from the active (Vata) time of the day to the more grounded space (Kapha). There will be light vinyasa or flow type movements, but with more focus on breathing and working out stress in the body and mind. The class content will also honor the current season. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga Rasayana
In Ayurveda Rasayana is translated as rasa or essence and ayana as path, and is the practice of habits and herbs to help maintain health and longevity. This class offers a physical path to rejuvenation by slowing down the body system. This class will provide a combination of light movement, Yin, and Restorative yoga with a long Savasana to include Yoga Nidra. The focus on this class is to allow the body to decompress, and allow for the space for proper rest. This is the perfect class for anyone needing to unwind from a hectic space. Suitable for all levels.

Hatha Vinyasa
This All Levels Class will take you through an intuitive sequence that may include particular Namaskars or Salutations, asana, pranayama technique and mantra. This class is sequenced a particular way to allow the practitioner to experience hatha yoga concepts and techniques to refine the body and its pancha koshas, or five sheaths of the self. Each class will vary upon the teacher and the student's needs.

Hatha-Raja Yoga
In this class you will experience the Classical Hatha-Raja Yoga methodology that takes you from the gross body to the subtle. Class will include asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, sacred sound and 30 minute meditation. This sadhana will change with the Ritucharya or seasonal changes to enhance and create a more holistic approach to the experience of Yoga. Tarka, observation and Dharana, concentration techniques are highly utilized in this class and for meditation, Dhyana to occur. Suitable for all levels.

Connected Warriors Class
The Connected Warriors, Inc. mission is to provide evidence based Trauma-Conscious yoga therapy programs for Servicemembers, Veterans and their Families while establishing a new and progressive safe haven community for all military members, their families and volunteers worldwide. Our teachers are trained in trauma conscious yoga through our organization. All our classes are taught with all capabilities in mind and offer modifications for those that need it. Classes are at no cost to participants and equipment is provided for the students however you are welcome to bring your own mat. Water and a towel if you tend to sweat a lot would be ideal to bring to class.

Reservations & Pricing
$13 per class
As we grow into our space, we offer two ways to book your class.

*Drop in (at no additional fee) or reserve your spot by calling or stoping by the spa today.
*Payment will be taken same day as class, as we can not give refunds for any missed classes.
*You can reserve your spot in any class up to 4 weeks in advance. 
*Packages and bundle offers coming soon.

Meet Our Instructors

Magdalena's experience in yoga has sent her around the world,including Rishikesh, India, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and now home (Clarksville, TN). She is a RYT 200hr plus continuing education in Bhakti Yoga, Kirtan, and Mantra Meditation. She continues studying as often as she can and continues her mentorship with Amy Barnes. You will hear her say "a true yoga teacher makes a great student." In her class you can expect a sense of healing and rest, along with support with proper alignment of the body. 

An eternal yoga student, regional yoga teacher, Connected Warriors, Inc. volunteer, mother of 2, and military spouse Felicia finds herself these days creating balance between home life, self practice, and teaching. She believes that yoga should be practiced in a way that serves the individual and supports the individual's life. In her class, you can expect intelligent sequencing that works both gross and subtle bodies through her a holistic teaching method along with verbal and non verbal adjusting and assisting. As a diligent mentor, Felicia excels in tailoring her private and mentoring sessions to her student's needs and provides support between visits.
Felicia holds a ERYT200 and YACEP through Yoga Alliance and is currently working on a 500 hour certification. Teaching since 2008 she has accumulated over 4,000 hours of teaching and training hours combined.

"Most importantly I want to pass along my passion for yoga to new students as well as help invigorate and renew that passion for existing students."

Elisa Hines is a native Tennessean, born in Cookeville, that has lived in Clarksville most of her life. Her passion with yoga lies in devotion or the spiritual side of yoga (Bhakti yoga) and service to others (Karma yoga). Yoga has been a constant in her life for the past several years. She started the practice to find physical balance, but in turn yoga taught her more about the internal balance we all seek. In Elisa's class you can expect a slower and more alignment based teaching style for all levels. She is a 200hr RYT with additional certifications in Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Yin Yoga. 
As Elisa is also a 625 hour certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor through Kerala Ayurveda in California, she enjoys helping students create a sense of balance in their lives through Yoga and Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga that deals primarily with the physical body whereas Yoga deals with the spiritual body (or mind piece).